SMSF Association Belief Statement

Sitting behind our name is a strong and clear set of beliefs.

We believe that every Australian has the right to a good quality of life in retirement.

We believe that every Australian has the right to control their own destiny.

We believe that how well we live in retirement is a function of how well we have managed our super and who has advised us.

We believe that better outcomes arise when professional advisors and trustees are armed with the best and latest information, especially in the growing and sometimes complex world of self-managed super funds.

We believe that insisting on tight controls, accrediting and educating advisors, and providing accurate and appropriate information to trustees is the best way to ensure that self-managed super funds continue to provide their promised benefits.

We believe that a healthy SMSF sector contributes strongly to long term capital and national prosperity.

We are here to improve the quality of advisors, the knowledge of trustees and the credibility and health of a vibrant SMSF community.

We are the SMSF Association.