Specialist only session – Tuesday 19 February

To kick off the comprehensive SMSF technical knowledge component of the Conference, we are proud to present an exclusive Specialist-only session on Tuesday 19 February – the day before the Conference officially commences. A great addition to the program in 2018, due to overwhelming demand we are pleased to offer this session again in 2019.

This added member benefit will provide you with the in-depth analysis of SMSF legislation that you require in a format that allows a highly interactive, analytical discussion.

The event assumes an elevated level of knowledge reflective of your designation as a Specialist Advisor/Specialist Auditor. It will examine the legislation as it results in practice, as well as consider how it should look to promote clarity, consistency and compliance.

Related Parties – what complex strategies are people putting in place to avoid related party transactions?

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, surely it’s a duck … but does that hold true in the complex world of related parties? Unravelling the related party maze and strategies to stay out of trouble We’ve all been there – we think we’ve got a pretty good grasp on the related party rules, but every now and then we’re thrown a doozy and initial appearances may be deceiving. We’ll workshop various SMSF client scenarios to ascertain whether an SMSF is or isn’t transacting with a related party and analyse at what points in time it actually matters. When do you want a related party relationship vs when do you not? What strategies can be employed to ensure the SMSF complies with the super law? What do you do when circumstances change? And if you come across a problem, what can you do to fix it?

Date: Tuesday 19 February 2019

Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Audience: Accountants, Financial Planners, Auditors

Speaker: Leigh Mansell, Director, SMSF Technical & Education Services, Heffron SMSF Solutions
Facilitator: Peter Hogan, Head of Education and Technical, SMSF Association

Complimentary for all SMSF Association Specialist members only – registration is compulsory and can be done as part of your normal registration form.