Interactive SMSF Workshops

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Take a deeper dive on complex SMSF issues in our popular workshops

Workshops have always been a highly popular portion of the Conference’s technical program. We’re continuing them in 2020 with a few new features based on member feedback!

You wanted a wider variety of topics…there will be 4 different workshop topics to choose from.

You wanted more audit-specific sessions…there will be 1 workshop topic that is tailored specifically for SMSF auditors.

Workshops provide a great opportunity to engage with industry experts and get the answers to your specific SMSF questions.

Workshop Topics:

  • Dealing with death – Better the devil you know! 
    Wednesday and Thursday: Leigh Mansell, Director, SMSF Technical & Education Services, Heffron SMSF Solutions
    Friday: Lyn Formica, Head of SMSF Technical & Education Services, Heffron SMSF Solutions

    Often the focus of death benefit planning in SMSFs is around:

    • Ensuring the death benefit end ups in the desired hands, whether that be by way of a BDBN or a reversionary pension or simply left to trustee discretionary powers,
    • Optimising the tax position of a surviving spouse (ie optimising their transfer balance cap position), and / or
    • Minimising tax payable on any death benefit payments.

    But there’s often many other things that should be considered before a member dies which could add significant value to the SMSF or the underlying beneficiaries, or prevent a massive headache for any surviving trustees, beneficiaries and even SMSF practitioners!

    In this workshop, we will explore various issues that don’t often make the headlines but are crucially important to the big picture of death benefit planning and mechanics.

  • Ageing clients, advice and ethics
    Louise Biti, Director, Aged Care Steps

    With ageing comes frailty. Solutions for supporting an older person need to involve the family but these discussions can bring out the good, the bad and the very ugly. This session picks up FASEA’s spotlight on ethical advice using the conference case study to unpack advice to ageing clients and their families.The case studies include:
    • Assessing the value of strategies for the former home and superannuation
    • Identifying the client to assess best interest or conflict
    • Tips for managing client conversations.


  • Repurposing sole purpose
    Craig Day, Executive Manager, Technical Services, Colonial First State and Mark Ellem, Executive Manager, SMSF Technical Services, SuperConcepts

    SMSF trustees can invest in almost anything that can be justified by their investment strategy, provided it also satisfies the most important of all SMSF considerations – the sole purpose test. This is not an incidental or even primary or dominant purpose test – it is an exclusive purpose test. No other considerations should influence the fund activities. The sole purpose test has been around for many, many years and there are a number of cases, rulings, determinations and impact statements on the topic. As we live in the real world the sole purpose test can create some practical issues that need to be addressed in a practical way.In this interactive workshop we will re-consider the sole purpose test in light of recent cases, rulings and guidelines, how it has evolved and its application, from both a compliance and practical perspective, in relation to SMSF transactions.


  • Auditor workshop
    Shelley Banton, Head of Technical, ASF Audits and Katrina Fletcher, Director, Elite SuperDo your SMSF audit skills pass the smell test?Making sure you know what you’re doing from the very start of the audit right up until the very end will reduce SMSF auditor litigation risk.

    Engage with your peers as this workshop deep dives into case studies that will throw up twists and turns designed to challenge even the most experienced SMSF auditor.

    The workshop will cover trust deeds, contributions, related party transactions, pensions, in-house assets, market valuations and much more.

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