SMSF Practitioner Program (SSP™)

Become an SMSF Practitioner (SSP™)

SMSF Practitioner Program (SSP™)

The SMSF Practitioner (SSP™) accreditation program provides independent validation of an SMSF professional’s foundation SMSF knowledge and practical skills.

The SSP™ accreditation program was established due to demand from employers in the SMSF sector for a practical, foundation-based SMSF designation for their employees, whether they be financial planners, accountants, lawyers, auditors or any other service provider in the SMSF space.

SMSF advisors acquire their knowledge and skills in a variety of ways, including formal studies, on the job, or self-learning. This accreditation demonstrates the SMSF knowledge that those providing this advice should hold; it’s an industry benchmark.

This accreditation program has a very practical approach, which sets it apart from the Association’s Specialist SSA and SSAud® designations. The SMSF Practitioner (SSP) program fits into a structure somewhat akin to what happens in other professions. In medicine, for example, there are GPs and specialists, while in the legal profession you have paralegals and lawyers. Similarly, those who earn an SSP designation could be seen as GPs or paralegals, while those with an SSA or SSAud® are the medical specialist or lawyer.