Audit Essentials: Auditing the SMSF Auditor-documenting the audit

This is webinar is the 3rd in the Series – Auditing the SMSF Auditor. This session covers documenting the audit – requirements and the impact of technology.

The audit file is central to the engagement. It is the evidence that supports the auditor’s findings and opinion as delivered to the trustees in the audit report. Extract one link in a critical chain, and the audit may face shipwreck.

Join Naomi Kewley, Managing Director of Peak Super Audits in the Audit Essentials webinar series as she provides detailed insights into the complex issues faced by SMSF Auditors, including:

• Annual signed documents
• Trust Deeds post 1 July 2017
• Trustee documentation
• Data Feeds

Using a case study of SMSF trustees Bob and Judy, Naomi poses circumstances and provides considerations into situations such as

• a trustee changing to a director;
• someone acting as a trustee for a minor;
• trustee loss of mental capacity issues;
• POA for members overseas and much more…

The Audit Essentials series is also supported with a comprehensive technical paper which you can find in the Resource Library here -

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