Audit Essentials – Documenting the audit – Hotspots for the Regulator

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) investment comprises approximately one third of Australian superannuation. SMSFs are run by mum & dad trustee-beneficiaries, who lead busy lives and place considerable reliance upon professionals connected with the fund to ‘get it right’. The stakes are high. Complex investment legislation applies, and breach of the rules can lead to serious civil and criminal penalties.

Join Naomi Kewley from Peak Super Audits as she presents her final webinar in the series "Auditing the SMSF Auditor".

Naomi will cover in this webinar the requirements of documenting the audit file for

Collectibles and personal use assets;
Investment in unrelated, unlisted entities post Cam & Bear v McGoldrick

She will explore the auditor’s obligations in relation to these assets, both to inform the trustees and to prepare a robust audit file that will answer the regulator’s expectations.

Naomi has also provided a technical paper to support her webinar which is available.

Delivered by invited SSAUD specialist members, this series of webinars will examine in-depth the practicalities and complex issues encountered in an audit practice. Specialist practitioners providing practical examples and information will be discussed and examined providing insight and strategies of how to address in practice. This is also support by a short technical report.

This webinar was recorded on 18/9/18 and the information contained within the presentation was correct as at this time. To ensure the accuracy of this presentation, it will only be available for purchase for 12 months from the date of recording. After this time, it will be removed from our website and from your purchase history.


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Naomi Kewley SSA, SSAUD

Naomi is the managing director at Peak Super Audits. She is a Tax Masters graduate from the University of NSW and is a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). She is also an ASIC registered SMSF auditor and a member of the SMSF Association, holding both accreditations of SMSF Specialist Auditor and SMSF Specialist Advisor. Prior to joining the audit sphere, Naomi worked as an accountant on a one-on-one basis with SMSF trustees and their advisers. As an auditor, she enjoys assisting accountants & trustees in understanding their obligations within the evolving landscape of SMSF compliance.

A published author in several Australian Taxation Journals, Naomi continues to write and present on SMSF related matters.

At the 2018 SMSF Association’s National Conference, Naomi was a recipient of the SMSF Specialist Auditor Top Achiever Award 2017.