NC 2018 Recording – Concurrent 6C – Loss of capacity: identify it and what needs to be in place

View this recording from the SMSF Association National Conference 2018 session presented Caroline Harley, Special Counsel, Partners Legal

In this session Caroline will discuss dealing with SMSF clients who have dementia, mental health concerns, or other conditions which can influence their decision-making and your ability to work with them in achieving their goals. Dealing with these clients is challenging and will differ from your usual client interactions and processes. Caroline will provide some
information and strategies based on her experience of what has worked and what has not.

How can you manage clients who appear to be fine on some days and not on others?
What happens when clients refuse to acknowledge there’s a problem?
What kinds of instructions can a Legal Personal Representative provide on behalf of a client?
Can you accept any instructions from your client who now has an Attorney acting for them?

Viewing this session recording to find out!

Ensuring continued compliance of an SMSF is important but so is limiting the risk to you and your practice.

When you have viewed this session recording, you should be able to:

• Be aware of the risks to your business in continuing to act for a client with capacity issues;
• Appreciate the different types of capacity issues that can impact
• your client’s ability to provide instructions to you; and
• Know how to analyse and adapt your business processes and procedures