NC 2018 Recording – Concurrent 8B – Complementing your SMSF with alternative tax planning structures

View this recording from the SMSF Association National Conference 2018 session presented by Liz Westover, Private Clients Director, PwC

Superannuation may still be the most tax effective means to accumulate retirement savings but what other choices exist when you’ve made the most of the available options in your SMSF?

Lower contribution caps, transfer balance cap provisions and the need to remove greater amounts of death benefits mean good advisers need to consider other strategies and structures to complement SMSF savings.

Superannuation is now only part of the answer for many clients and the questions will be asked more frequently about what to do with wealth outside of super. Hear as Liz discusses alternatives when you can’t contribute any more, when super may not be best or when benefits need to come out.

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When you have view this session recording, you should be able to:

• Identify when alternative investment structures need to be considered
• Understand why alternative investment structures can be a good idea
• Know what options are available for alternative investment structures