NC 2018 Recording – Plenary 2 – How SMSF estate planning has changed

View this recording from the SMSF Association National Conference 2018 session presented Peter Burgess, General Manager, Technical Services & Education, SuperConcepts

With the introduction of the transfer balance cap, SMSF estate planning has changed forever. New conservations are required to ensure your client’s SMSF wealth is transferred in the most effective manner. This session recording will explain the fundamental principles underpinning a new era of SMSF estate planning and why record keeping and active cap management are now key SMSF estate planning considerations. The technicalities of reversionary pensions, death benefit nominations, insurance payouts and child pensions will be addressed along with the new death benefit pension rollover rules.

As a result of this session recording, you should be able to:

• Explain why and how SMSF estate plans have been disrupted and how advice providers can assist.
• Explain the intricacies of reversionary pensions, death benefit nominations and the principles underpinning the use of child pensions in the post reform era.
• Identify the technicalities with the treatment of life insurance and the allocation of anti-detriment reserves for transfer balance cap and estate planning purposes.
• Explain practical strategies and why active cap management matters from an estate planning perspective.