NC2019 – P6 -What does the Royal Commission mean for financial services in Australia?

The Royal Commission's final report is due to be released on 1 February 2019 and the SMSF Association National Conference will be the first major financial services conference to analyse the report. This session will explore how the Royal Commission could impact financial services and SMSFs. The top 5 burning questions you'll get an answer to are: 1. How will financial advisers be impacted by the Royal Commission? 2. Will the AFSL model change? 3. Will the vertically integrated financial services company be a thing of the past? 4. What are the impacts on SMSFs? 5. How will the Royal Commission impact the financial system regulators? Join respected industry expert Jeremy Cooper and The Australian's Wealth Editor, James Kirby, as they conduct a deep-dive analysis of the report and unravel the potential consequences of the report's recommendations and what this may mean for you as a financial advisor and for your clients.