NC2020 – C2B- SMSF’s Investing in related vehicles

This recording was presented by the SMSF Association National Conference 2020 on the Gold Coast by Phil Broderick, Principal, Sladen Legal.


For SMSFs, investing in related entities can be a blessing or a curse. When done correctly, such structures can create value and add opportunities for SMSFs. Whereas, incorrectly structured investments can cause significant regulatory and tax issues for SMSFs.

This session examined the regulatory and tax issues that must be considered when investing in related structures. It will also consider various structures an SMSF can invest in such as:

• Regulation 13.22C structures
• Unrelated structures
• Pre-99 structures
• Partnerships and co-owners
• Joint ventures


This recording will provide participants with knowledge to understanding:

- The issues and opportunities of SMSFs investing in related entities
- The application of in-house asset rules to investments in trusts
- The pros and cons of different investment structures for SMSFs