Audit Essentials – Auditing the SMSF Auditor – SMSF Independence – The regulator’s view

Part 1 of the series - Auditing the SMSF Auditor - SMSF Independence – The regulator’s view

Join Katrina Fletcher in the first of the SMSF Audit webinar series as she provides insight into the complex issues faced by SMSF Auditors.

With the changes to SMSF legislation, your audit practice systems and processes will be tested. Checking the integrity and validity of your procedures against the new legislation will be a work in progress. Getting the basics right is now more important than ever.

Part 1 of the series - Auditing the SMSF Auditor - SMSF Independence – The regulator’s view

Independence is the regulator’s canary in the coal mine – if independence is amiss, other aspects of the audit are immediately suspect & prone to inspection.

Listen as Katrina discusses:

• Auditor Independence - what is it and defences that just don't cut it!
• Scenarios of independence, the threats and what can be done to protect your business
• Examples of when things go wrong for SMSF auditors and how to avoid them
• Documenting auditor independence - if it is not documented, it is not done!

The webinar is supported by a Technical Paper written by Naomi Kewley of Elite Super.

Coming soon……..
Part 2 of the series- Auditing the SMSF Auditor will be Quality Control & The Audit Plan – Getting it right (even if you have audit software).


Knowledge Area:
New Funds, Winding Up, Practice Management, SMSF Administration
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Katrina Fletcher SSA, SSAUD

Naomi is the managing director at Peak Super Audits. She is a Tax Masters graduate from the University of NSW and is a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). She is also an ASIC registered SMSF auditor and a member of the SMSF Association, holding both accreditations of SMSF Specialist Auditor and SMSF Specialist Advisor. Prior to joining the audit sphere, Naomi worked as an accountant on a one-on-one basis with SMSF trustees and their advisers. As an auditor, she enjoys assisting accountants & trustees in understanding their obligations within the evolving landscape of SMSF compliance.

A published author in several Australian Taxation Journals, Naomi continues to write and present on SMSF related matters.

At the 2018 SMSF Association’s National Conference, Naomi was a recipient of the SMSF Specialist Auditor Top Achiever Award 2017.