Western Sydney – SMSF Audits – your professional guide to preparing trustees for an audit.

As SMSF professionals you understand how complex an SMSF is, both from a legal and professional point of view. But what about your clients? Have you had upfront or annual conversations with your clients to prepare them for audit time?

Join Shelley Banton, Executive General Manager, Technical Services, ASF Audits as she provides you specialist insights, practices and the practicalities of SMSF audits.

Shelley will cover topics including:

• Discussing potential transactions with the auditor before implementation, to understand what the auditor will need rather than facing compliance issues at audit time
• Technology and the misconception that the benefits from automating routine steps in an SMSF audit means that there’s little to do.
• The many ways that compliance issues arise when the documentation is wrong or simply doesn’t exist

Shelley has prepared a SMSF audit checklist which can be used to help develop your process and practices in trustee audit preparation that will support your conversations with clients.


7 Jun 2018
7:30 am AEST - 9:00 am AEST
Knowledge Area:
SMSF Administration
CPD Points:
17 Lexington Drive
Bella Vista, NSW 2153


Shelley Banton SSA, SSAUD


B.Com, SSA™, SSAud™

Shelley is an accredited SMSF Association Specialist SMSF Auditor™ and Advisor™.

She is a recognised industry leader on SMSF Audit and has actively managed and found resolutions to complex SMSF audit issues for numerous clients.

Shelley writes a monthly SMSF News Blog and is regularly invited to speak at peak industry SMSF conferences on SMSF audit.