Your 2017 SMSF strategy challenge Intensive Workshop – Perth

New rules - All of the “Extras” You Need to Address Post July 2017

Your clients need to feel secure in the knowledge you fully understand the new superannuation rules and how they affect SMSFs. How will these changes impact their current retirement decisions? What do you need to consider first?

This workshop will assist in navigating the latest changes, identifying any potential issues in your clients’ SMSF and appropriate strategies you can apply. It has been designed to deliver useful strategies and practical tactics to apply and support your clients.

With so much to take into consideration, we are providing workshops in April and May which will address the PRE and POST implementation and actions for the new superannuation legislation/laws/rules for your clients.

YOU can choose the most applicable workshop to attend to suit your needs.

This workshop will cover:

1. Catch up concessional contributions
2. The latest on the actuarial certificates
3. The opportunity to cash out pre-2007 pensions
4. Transitional non-concessional rules
5. Deductibility of personal super contributions

The workshop also includes access to webinars that will provide detailed explanations on the following topics:

Segregated & Unsegregated Methods for Calculating ECPI which covers
• Taxation of SMSFs
• Special features of pensions
• Consequences of having pension & non-pension accounts
• Segregated & non-segregated methods – the rules
• Claiming expenses when using non-segregated method
• Carry forward revenue losses
• Segregated & non-segregated methods – advantages & disadvantages
• Calculation of CGT liability – segregated & non-segregated methods
• Transfer balance cap & TRIS CGT relief

Contributions using the CGT Cap which covers
• CGT cap
• Specific CGT concessions
• $500K retirement exemption – individuals, companies & trusts
• Small business rollover

Review of the draft - the fair and sustainable superannuation regulations which covers
• Prescribing the subsidiary objectives of the superannuation system
• Defining total superannuation balances
• Release authorities
• Lowering the annual non-concessional cap
• Improving access to tax deductions for personal contributions
• Implementing the transfer balance cap

At completion you will be able to:

• Identify those clients who are affected by the new rules going forward
• Apply knowledge to ensure client compliance both individually and as trustees of their SMSF
• Understand what you need to do as an advisor to assist your clients
• Know how implement appropriate strategies for the right clients

The workshop context provides:

• In depth investigation into the practical details
• Participation in strategies through highly engaging group discussion
• Small groups to optimise professional development
• Dynamic Q&A forums
• Valuable workshop resources


Join us at:
Pascoe Partners
Level 2, 100 Havelock Street,
West Perth, 6005

Date: 31 May 2017
Start Time: 9:30 am AWST
End Time: 12:30 pm AWST
Location: Pascoe Partners
State: WA
Event Type: Live
Knowledge Area: Benefit Payments, Contributions, Managing Investment, Practice Management, SMSF Administration, Taxation


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