SMSF Connect Education Resource

Enhance your website with independent SMSF information via the SMSF Connect Education Resource

The SMSF Association is always looking for ways to support and add value to our members. We are conscious that educating your SMSF clients, particularly through periods of change, is a continued commitment of your time and resources.

ASIC Report 575 emphasises the importance of consumers making informed decisions regarding SMSFs. Further, it encourages practitioners providing advice on SMSFs to take the necessary steps to provide information on the duties and obligations of an SMSF trustee.

With many different sources of SMSF information available online, it is difficult to keep track of where your clients may be gathering their information. Keep your clients on your website and direct them to independent SMSF information from the SMSF Association, embedded directly into your website.

“A current resource of factual information for trustees to access, which allows my clients and I to make more informed decisions.” – Chris Launer, SMSF Specialist Advisor (SSA), Partner, Pinnacle Wealth Management

An educated client becomes an advocate for your business

The SMSF Connect Education Resource will:

  • Provide you and your clients with a wealth of quality information and education resources (via SMSF Connect, the SMSF Association’s regularly updated trustee platform).
  • Offer a simple solution to help meet ASIC Report 575 guidelines (requiring provision of SMSF education for trustees) and ATO compliance information.
  • Add value to your website and SMSF client services.
  • Direct your clients back to your advice services via the ‘Need Assistance?’ button in the portal’s main navigation.
  • Showcase your brand alongside that of the SMSF Association’s, the peak professional body representing the SMSF sector:

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Below is an example of what the SMSF Connect Education Resource will look like on your website:


If you are a company with at least 1 SMSF Association Specialist member, and interested in adding this resource to your website, please click here to fill out our online web form.


There will be a minimal one time set up fee of $300 (+ GST) and an ongoing fee of $100 (+ GST) per month. This will be direct debited each month.


To implement this portal you will be required to acknowledge a simple licensing agreement which covers the nature of the education materials and interaction with your website.


If you have any further questions, please contact the SMSF Association Head Office on 08 8205 1950 or via email at [email protected].