Women, Wealth & Super Summit

Improving the financial future of women won't happen in a day.

But it will start on April 27.

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Women, Super and Wealth Summit

The Women, Super and Wealth Summit presented by the SMSF Association and FSC and proudly sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank will address a critical issue facing Australia – the fact that women are retiring with superannuation balances 46.6% lower than men.(1)

The Summit will bring together the expertise of thought leaders from the superannuation and wealth management industries to address this important issue facing Australia with real world solutions.

(1)Senate Inquiry Achieving Economic Security for Women in Retirement


10:00amThe opening address will set the scene for the day as it lays out the significant aims and objectives for the Summit. Sally Loane
10:15amA special key note address.Annabel Spring
10:30amWhat are the causes of the gender gap in Superannuation?
The first session of the Summit will be conducted in a “TED Talk” style with speakers presenting their sharp and engaging views on the causes of the gender gap in superannuation. This session will discuss:
• Volatile income streams and the effect of women’s broken work patterns
• Legislative barriers in superannuation
• Gender pay gap and the cultural barriers associated
• The need for better financial literacy and financial advice
• Improvement in confidence and decision making arising from the SMSF Association and Commonwealth Bank research
These key themes will set up the day to seek real world reform options that can close the gender gap in superannuation and deliver better retirement and wealth outcomes for women.

Sandra Buckley, Mark Burgess, Libby Lyons
11:45amEngaging with women - what we need to teach our daughters
This panel session will address and focus on three key areas that can assist in improving women’s retirement and wealth outcomes:
• Enhanced financial literacy and confidence in financial decision making.
• The need for tailored financial advice and how it can meet women’s needs.
• How we raise females and approach cultural barriers to stimulate control and confidence in women.
Linda Elkins, Sally Loane, Craig Dunn
1:30pmChampion of Change
Throughout the day there will also be three special addresses from business leaders championing this very important issue facing Australians.
Special guest speaker yet to be announced
1:45pmSolutions for real reform
Superannuation and wealth management policy leaders will discuss the changes to superannuation and other laws that may be required to bring about improved retirement. This will be a key session in shaping a message to government and policy makers to addressing the gender gap in superannuation for the future.
Robin Bowerman, Senator Jenny McAllister, Andrea Slattery, Helen Rowell and Michael Rice
2:50pmPathways to wealth and secure retirement
The Summit’s final session will consist of interviews with thought leaders who are affecting real change with innovative initiatives and strategies in wealth management, superannuation and workplace practices that help women build wealth and increase their superannuation balances.
Kate Carnell and Senator Katy Gallagher
3:45pmThe closing address will reiterate the issues discussed throughout the day’s sessions, canvass the options for reforms and changes that have been suggested to deliver a strong and concise message on the way forward to improve retirement and wealth outcomes for all Australian women. Andrea Slattery


For women, bridging the gap to retirement with dignity and security is a significant issue. However, one we have the power to change. This event will bring champions of change together to seek real world reforms to achieve equality.

Andrea Slattery

Managing Director/CEO

SMSF Association

I am determined to help women understand super and wealth-building better than previous generations did. Young women must engage with their financial futures from the very first pay slip they receive. This summit will set objectives towards this goal.

Sally Loane

Chief Executive Officer

Financial Services Council

Providing women with more information and better advice improves their financial resilience and wellbeing, and that of their families, businesses and communities. This event will outline and demonstrate the critical role we can play to engage and empower women, and drive positive change through education, innovation, and good business practice.

Annabel Spring

Group Executive, Wealth Management

Commonwealth Bank