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All sessions will be livestreamed, and then available on-demand until 31 March 2024.

Experience a virtual program worth up to 22 CPD hours.

Please note the National Conference 2024 program is subject to change before the conference in February.
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Meticulously crafted sessions to provide insight into superannuation compliance, income tax and legal issues. For newcomers, the focus is on building a solid base of awareness and understanding of complex issues. For experienced professionals the stream provides an applied learning experience, enhancing existing knowledge.

A comprehensive one-stop shop for issues relating to strategic superannuation planning. Deep dive sessions into contribution strategies, retirement planning, and estate planning equips attendees with the tools to effectively manage and advise on complex superannuation scenarios, unique to each client.

Targeted sessions aimed at promoting critical thinking, encouraging professionals to examine and enhance their current practices. Participants are presented with opportunities to assess the health of their practices and their teams, and explore the impact of technology on the industry, including the associated risks.

Day 1 - Wednesday 21 february

10:30 - 10:45am
10:45 - 10:55am
chair address

Scott Hay-Bartlem, Chair, SMSF Association

10:55 - 11:50am
plenary 1
Leading through change: SMSF legislative and technical update

Peter Burgess, CEO, SMSF Association

Start National Conference 2024 on a high, with the traditional fast moving, high energy legislation update session presented by SMSF Association CEO, Peter Burgess. Join Peter as he discusses the legislative changes which shaped the SMSF landscape in 2023 and previews the legislative agenda for the year ahead. This session will provide a stocktake of all legislative changes which have been enacted and those which have yet to pass – as only Peter Burgess can! Peter will also highlight sessions on this year’s program which will provide further detail and others to watch out for.

12:00 - 1:00pm
legs & regs
Concurrent 1A
Optimising the SMSF journey

Aaron Dunn, CEO & Co-founder, Smarter SMSF

Whether you’re setting up a new SMSF, taking on a new SMSF client or changing the membership of a fund, this session provides essential guidance to ensure you are optimising your clients’ SMSF journey. Aaron will delve into the critical aspects of SMSF structuring, focusing on the benefits of a corporate trustee, highlighting the distinct roles of directors versus shareholders, and offering insight on how best to navigate the Director ID regime and ASIC’s regulations. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, this session will also focus on the importance of digital proficiency in document execution and how best to navigate the ATO’s online systems and ensure SuperStream obligations are met. Whether you’re new to SMSFs or looking to refine your existing fund strategies, this session will provide valuable insights and practical approaches to dealing with SMSF clients.

Concurrent 1B
The younger generation's retirement roadmap

Jo Hurley, General Manager, Growth, Class

This session navigates the suitability of SMSFs for younger generations, outlining effective strategies to close the gender gap, maximise retirement savings, and long-term investment considerations. Jo will cover innovative strategies like escalator salary sacrifice and parental contributions, plus balancing super savings with life goals to highlight the long-term impact these strategies can have on one’s retirement. The session will evaluate the fit of SMSFs for young individuals, will address risks and benefits, and offer practical tips for advisors in engaging and supporting younger clients with SMSFs.

Advice, Practice & Regulatory
Concurrent 1C
The Regulator's update

Emma Rosenzweig, Deputy Commissioner – Superannuation & Employer Obligations, ATO

Leah Sciacca, Senior Executive Leader, Financial Advise & Investment Management, ASIC

Join the ATO’s Deputy Commissioner – Superannuation & Employer Obligations, Emma Rosenzweig and ASIC’s Senior Executive Leader – Financial Services & Wealth Group, Leah Sciacca, for an SMSF sector update from the regulator’s perspective. Emma and Leah will outline the results of their respective compliance programs and will share their experiences on emerging trends in the SMSF sector and their key risk focus areas. This session will incorporate a 30 minute Q&A session to be hosted by the SMSF Association.

1:00 - 1:50pm
Lunch break
1:50 - 2:50pm
Concurrent 2A
Are you prepared for the death of a client?

Julie Dolan, Partner – Head of SMSF’s and Estate Planning, KPMG Enterprise

Navigating the intricacies of SMSF management upon a member’s death is a daunting yet inevitable task. This session is designed to arm practitioners with the know-how to correctly administer death benefits while ensuring compliance with SMSF regulations. Practitioners will be guided through the labyrinth of legal requirements, documentation, and time-sensitive tasks that are imperative to handle in these sensitive situations. The session will cover vital aspects such as the proper allocation and payment of death benefits, the role and responsibilities of trustees, and the potential pitfalls and common errors to avoid.

Concurrent 2B
Taking SMSF contribution strategies to the next level

Tim Miller, SMSF Technical & Education Manager, Smarter SMSF

Whilst 1 July 2022 changes opened up the contribution landscape considerably with the removal of the work test for personal contributions prior to age 75, the transfer balance cap and the proposed Division 296 tax mean we shouldn’t be making contributions for contributions sake but rather looking at the end game to determine how much is too much in super and determining which strategies are right for each set of family circumstances. This session will contemplate the various strategies that should be contemplated in light of single member funds, nuclear families, couples only and blended families. It’s fair to say no two strategies will look the same.

Concurrent 2C
On the front line: Confronting SMSF threats and shaping policy

Tracey Scotchbrook, Head of Policy & Advocacy, SMSF Association

This session will focus on identifying and understanding the imminent threats and upcoming policy changes affecting the superannuation industry. It will also examine the shifts from both the Regulators and Government, to equip attendees with the knowledge to anticipate and prepare for future challenges. Attendees will not only gain foresight into what challenges lie ahead but also understand how the SMSF Association is advocating for the industry’s interests.

2:50 - 3:35pm ​
3:35 - 4:35pm
Concurrent 3A
Q ’n’ A ‘n’ R: Deep diving into the latest on the Quality Advice Review​

Bryan Ashenden, Head of Financial & Advocacy, BT Financial Group

Questions, Analysis, Review. Whilst seeing movement on the Government’s response to the Quality of Advice Review is a positive, are the developments all positive and achieving the desired objective? In this session we will look deeper into the latest draft legislation and Government announcements to see how they might assist in enabling more Australian to access affordable quality advice, where there are areas of concern, and what this could mean professionals in the SMSF sector.

Concurrent 3B
Mastering aged care essentials

Sean Howard, Technical Services Manager, Challenger Limited

This session is designed to equip professionals advising on SMSFs with the knowledge and tools to initiate conversations around aged care advice. Sean is an expert in the field and his session will provide you with a broad understanding of subsidised aged care and the financial considerations for clients. The aim is to build the delegates’ confidence to initiate conversations on the subject and to provide them with the knowledge needed to offer effective aged care advice.

Concurrent 3C
From pressure to performance: Mastering wellbeing

Katrina Webb, Founder & Director, Newday Leadership

This session, presented by Katrina Webb, a leading Wellbeing and Resilience Trainer, offers a vital pivot from technical learning to personal empowerment. In the evolving superannuation and wealth management industry, professionals are constantly having to adapt and this session recognises the significant impact these changes have on the wellbeing of individuals and teams. Katrina will delve into practical and evidence based strategies for maintaining and enhancing mental and emotional resilience in the face of industry and client pressures. Participants will leave equipped with a personal toolkit to manage stress, maintain mental health, and excel professionally.


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Day 2 - Thursday 22 february

10:35 - 11:35am
legs & regs
Concurrent 4A
SG, contractors, employees and Fair Work Insights

Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers

This session will provide an up to date overview of the evolving landscape in employee and contractor classifications, including recent Fair Work Act changes, recent case law on Super Guarantee (SG) issues, PAYG, PayDay super and related matters. Attendees will leave with practical tips and insights into the complexities affecting businesses, SMSFs, and individuals, helping them navigate the challenging terrain of contractor v. employment law, SG and related issues.

Concurrent 4B
$3m super tax: Weighing up the alternatives

David Barrett, Head of Macquarie Technical, Macquarie

Assuming the proposed Div 296 tax is legislated in its current form, what are the viable options for your clients? Should they leave their funds in excess of $3 million in super, or withdraw and invest in other options?

In this session we’ll examine the mechanics of the proposed tax, and also analyse:

  • what it will mean for those with more than $3 million in super
  • the options, and how they compare with leaving funds in super
  • how much should be withdrawn
  • does lump sum death benefit tax impact?
Advice, Practice & Regulatory
Concurrent 4C
Navigating the future: How AI is transforming the advice industry

Andrew Braun, General Manager Marketing, Newealth

In this session, delve into the transformative power of AI within the wealth management industry and uncover the ways it is reshaping how we work and serve our clients.
We’ll embark on a journey through three key dimensions:
1. Transforming Client Service: AI and its related technologies are sparking a revolution, redefining how we work and engage with our clients. Witness how AI-driven solutions streamline processes and enhance client engagement, leading to a superior service experience. Real-life examples from advisory firms highlight how seamless integration of AI can yield remarkable results.
2. AI in Action: We’ll take a deep dive into the world of upcoming innovations and provide practical insights to prepare your advisory firm for the era of AI and emerging technologies. Explore how AI-powered chatbots, predictive analytics and real-time behavioural nudges are reshaping the advisory landscape. Learn about the cutting-edge tools and strategies that will position your practice at the forefront of technological advancements.
3. Key Insights from Netwealth’s 2023 AdviceTech Report: Based on the research of over 250 advisory firms and findings from their latest “Humans and Machines” report, understand the evolving role of human advisers in an AI-driven landscape, and learn the steps to transform your business.

Embrace the future. AI is not on the horizon; it’s here, and it’s reshaping the wealth management industry. This presentation equips your firm with the insights, resources, and strategies to ensure you remain competitive in this evolving landscape.

11:45am - 12:45pm
Concurrent 5A
Getting the audit report right

Belinda Aisbett, Director, Super Sphere Pty Ltd

This session is tailored for accountants and SMSF auditors, focusing on the finalisation of the annual SMSF audit. Belinda’s session will provide comprehensive guidance on drafting qualified Part A and Part B opinions, composing effective management letter points, and completing the Auditor’s Compliance Report (ACR). Through the use of real case studies, attendees will leave with the technical know-how and best practices required to streamline the SMSF audit process.

Concurrent 5B
Harvesting opportunities: The ins and outs of farming assets in SMSFs

Katie Timms, Director, SMSF Services, RSM Australia

This session delves into the intricacies of incorporating farming assets into an SMSF’s investment strategy. Katie kicks off the discussion by exploring the unique opportunities and risks associated with owning primary production in an SMSF – from the everyday impacts of running a primary production business on the property, to intergenerational wealth transfer and estate planning issues. The session will look at the issues associated with housing members and employees on farming properties, the risks of non-arm’s length transactions as well as outline the possibility of leveraging stamp duty family farm exemptions. Even for the most seasoned SMSF specialist, this session promises to equip you with the tools to navigate the labyrinth of issues surrounding owning farming assets in an SMSF.

Concurrent 5C
Shaping tomorrow’s adviser: Disruption, AI and generational shifts

Craig Banning, CEO, Navwealth

The advice profession be it accounting or financial advice is likely to be an attractive profession to be a part of over the next 10 years. Following the ongoing policy dialogues in the wake of Michelle Levy’s report, the landscape appears to be stabilising.
Whilst we’ve navigated significant regulatory changes that resulted in the greatest exit of advisers this country has ever seen, from 26,500 in 2019 to just 15,855 in 2023, we now must prepare for the challenge of the next disruption to our profession.
Over the next 10 years we are likely to see a new disruption of client expectations as we see generational shifts in our client base and artificial intelligence (AI) moves into the next phase of its evolution. AI disruption is positive, as it will assist us in providing an improved client experience if we integrate AI well into our advice practices. The challenge for small practices may be a lack of resources to build out the advice offer. Therefore, just like the post 2019 regulation disruption we faced, we need to adapt our advice model to prosper.
Whilst AI could certainly see the advice practice margins improve due to efficiency and less cost there will be a challenge to maintain prices. Client value proposition will again become significantly important.

12:45- 1:35pm
Lunch break
1:35 - 2:35pm
Concurrent 6A
Enduring Powers of Attorney – Coming to an SMSF near you – Are you ready?

Brian Herd, Partner, HopgoodGanim Lawyers

One day, or over time, your client may lose their capacity. Knowing what that means for you, them and the SMSF is crucial to dealing with it competently, ethically and legally. In this session, in the context of SMSF’s, Brian will address the role, powers and responsibilities of the EPOA. It will be peppered with war stories to highlight the increasing significance of this ‘decision maker’ and the importance of not getting it wrong.

Concurrent 6B
SMSF lending and refinancing through the eyes of a lender

Richard Chesworth, Head of Specialised Distribution, Bluestone Home Loans

This session will address the complex landscape of SMSFs entering and re-financing Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBAs) from the perspective of the lender. Richard will also cover critical areas such as funding interest rate fluctuations, refinancing and discharging a loan as well as the practical issues faced by SMSFs as they navigate the super laws. Attendees will gain insights into the risks associated with defaults, guarantees, operating offset accounts, redraw facilities and much more. The session will equip professionals with the tools to navigate these challenges effectively, ethically, and in compliance with current regulations.

Concurrent 6C
Talent Triumph: How to attract, cultivate and retain top staff

Alisdair Barr, Founder & CEO, Striver

This session is designed for a diverse audience of professionals focusing on the following key areas:
• Attracting New Talent: Leveraging your firm’s unique selling points to attract top talent.
• Developing Talent During the Professional Year: Designing a tailored development program and mentorship to accelerate growth.
• Retaining Your Best Talent: Creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture and Implementing retention strategies to reduce turnover.
• Reducing Risk for Your Business and Graduates: Mitigating the risks associated with talent attrition, protecting your investment in training and development while ensuring a mutually beneficial experience for both the firm and graduates.

3:05 - 4:05pm
Concurrent 7A
Bulletproof practices: Best practices for trustees exercising discretion

Neal Dallas, Director, Business Depot Legal

Victoria Mercer, Associate, Business Depot Legal

This session will consider in detail trustee considerations when exercising their discretion powers and how to avoid challenges to discretionary decisions. This includes:
• What it means to act in good faith, to give real and genuine consideration and to act in the best interest of beneficiaries;
• What factors are relevant when making decisions including the beneficiaries’ financial and personal circumstances, needs, and wishes;
• The process and steps of exercising discretion including what and how to document decisions;
• Managing and addressing conflict and beneficiary challenges

Concurrent 7B
Unlocking the complexities of retirement strategies

Melanie Dunn, Principal, Accurium

This session is essential for those looking to navigate the complex landscape for SMSF members approaching retirement. The goalposts for commencing and running a pension in an SMSF are constantly changing. Melanie will delve into the nuances of paying pensions within an SMSF discussing the strategic pros and cons of TRIS vs ABP, multiple pensions or restructuring, and non-reversionary vs reversionary pensions. The session will examine how to assess a sustainable level of retirement income to address the feedback we see that trustees are worried and so take only the minimum payments from their pension. Finally the session will explore the strategic considerations for maximising Exempt Current Pension Income (ECPI), especially as investments are restructured to align with retirement goals and whether strategies need to be adjusted in light of the proposed $3m super tax.

Concurrent 7C
Blueprint for success: Elevate your professional services firm​

Selin Ertac, Director & Principal Consultant, Tangelo Advice Consulting

Conrad Travers, Director & Principal Consultant, Tangelo Advice Consulting

Explore strategies to streamline, improve efficiency and enhance your professional service firm. Selin & Conrad will guide you through a practical ‘Health Check’ for your business, pinpointing areas of improvement and strategies for success. Focus will be on ensuring compliance and client satisfaction, understanding the intricacies of risk management and governance for business success and best practice principles for all professionals operating in the wealth management industry. Join this session for actionable insights on the ways to transform your business operations, empower your staff and align your professional services firm with the highest professional and ethical standards.