SMSF Association National Conference 2018

14 - 16 February 2018 | ICC Sydney

Conference Highlights

The SMSF Association National Conference 2018 will expand your SMSF knowledge and take you beyond the expected. Rise above the competition and position yourself as a leader in the SMSF sector with technical excellence and thinking post the 1 July 2017 changes.

Attend the most anticipated conference on the SMSF calendar and expand your technical knowledge, advice and service opportunities.

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  2. Dynamic professional development

  3. Networking: Social functions

  4. Explore Sydney

  5. Workshops

  6. Thought Leadership Breakfast

  7. The Ultimate SMSF Exhibition

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2018 Program Overview

Open from 7:30am Exhibition Hall Open - Exhibition Hall 1
8:00am-10:00am SMSF Association: Thought Leadership Breakfast presented by Vanguard Investments Australia - Cockle Bay Room 1
Does superannuation need to play a broader role in the retirement of Australians in the future?
With so much focus on changes to the taxation settings for superannuation in recent times, the 2018 SMSF Association Thought Leadership Breakfast provides a timely opportunity to consider longer term challenges for SMSFs and the superannuation system. One of these challenges is how will superannuation continue to meet the needs of retirees going forward. Should superannuation be limited to its core purpose of providing retirement income or can its remit be expanded to cater for health and aged care too? Should housing be more integrated with superannuation and the age pension? Is the way we draw down on superannuation savings fit for purpose going forward? These all important questions that the 2018 SMSF Association Thought Leadership Breakfast will grapple with.

Professor Phil Dolan, Pro Vice Chancellor, La Trobe University
Dagmar Parsons, CEO, National Seniors
Melinda Howes, General Manager, Superannuation at BT Financial Group
Matthew Lawrance, Chief Executive Officer, MLC Super & Executive General Manager, Wealth, NAB
Facilitator: John Maroney, CEO, SMSF Association
8:30am-10:00am Pre-session 1 - Parkside Room 1: Door 2 and Door 3
Evolution: SMSF Investments
SMSF investments 2018 and beyond. This session will focus on the evolution of the investment trends that face the industry. Five of our Conference sponsors will showcase their thinking on this topic. The intent is to encourage thinking around where the market is headed and what opportunities may be created through developments in relevant investments and investing concepts to the SMSF industry.
  • IML - Investing towards 2021 - what will change and what won't
  • Auscap - Recognising the value of absolute return strategies
  • ETF Securities - ETFs future present range - revolution not evolution
  • Praemium - Enhancing the SMSF client experience in an age of disruption
  • La Trobe Financial - Stability wins every time
Note: each presentation is 15minutes in duration and occur back to back without a break.

Speakers: IML, Auscap, ETF Securities, Praemium, La Trobe Financial
Pre-session 2 - Pyrmont Theatre: Door 1 and Door 2
Evolution: SMSF Disruption
SMSF disruption 2018 and beyond. This session will focus on the evolution of the disruption that faces the industry. Five of our Conference sponsors will showcase their thinking on this topic. The intent is to encourage thinking around where the environment is headed and what opportunities may be created through technological advancements.
Sponsor Organisation: Topic:
  • BT - Regulatory change driving technological evolution
  • BGL - How big data, AI and machine learning can be applied to SMSFs?
  • Commsec - Technology for a new generation of SMSFs
  • SuperConcepts - Improving service and quality through AI
  • Ripping apart the traditional accounting process
Note: each presentation is 15minutes in duration and occur back to back without a break.

Speakers: BT, BGL, Commsec, SuperConcepts, SuperGuardian
10:15am-10:30am Chairman's Address - Darling Harbour Theatre: Door 1 and Door 2
Andrew Gale, Chairman, SMSF Association
10:30am-10:40am Opening Address - Darling Harbour Theatre: Door 1 and Door 2
John Maroney, CEO, SMSF Association
10:40am-10:45am Patron's Address - Darling Harbour Theatre: Door 1 and Door 2
Tim Costello, Patron, SMSF Association
10:45am-11:40am Plenary Session 1 - Darling Harbour Theatre: Door 1 and Door 2
Legislation and Regulations Update
2017 was another very busy year for the SMSF industry. We had the implementation of the 2016 Budget changes, with the rules being tweaked and changed until the last minute.
Each action we took threw us new challenges as we then moved through the post implementation consequences of what we have been so busy doing.
As if that was not enough, the 2017 Budget saw more changes announced.
And then there’s all the ATO announcements, plus proposals for new reporting regimes!
This session will look at the major changes of 2017, including signposting the sessions that will help you come to grips with the fundamental reforms we have been living with.

Scott Hay-Bartlem, Partner, Cooper Grace Ward

12:00pm - 1:00pm
Legs & Regs
Pyrmont Theatre (Level 2): Door 1 and Door 2

Concurrent Session 1A
Start me up – Commencing a pension the right way
With around half of SMSFs set up in pension phase, starting a pension must be easy, right? At least it should be! The reality is that there are many moving parts that SMSF trustees and members must consider and address when commencing a pension. This session will look at the matters that need to be addressed, including:
  • Trust deed requirements and limitations
  • The form of the pension documentation
  • Death benefit pensions
  • Valuation issues, especially post-super reform
  • AFSL licensing requirements
  • Re-commencing – starting and stopping, or varying a pension

Neal Dallas, Principal, McInnes Wilson Lawyers,
Chris Humphrey, Principal, Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management
Darling Harbour Theatre: Door 1 and Door 2

Concurrent Session 1B
Contribution opportunities - nothing has changed, or has it?
The general view is that the post 2017 superannuation landscape is more restrictive for contribution opportunities. But is that really the case? This presentation will review the contribution opportunities which exist, and will investigate the expanded opportunities that the new landscape provides. Understanding the restrictions which apply to contributions and the circumstances where they are permitted provides background to ensuring that our clients are advised about their opportunities to improve their position. Why do people contribute to superannuation - has this changed and how can we expand our contribution horizons?

Peter Crump, Private Client Adviser, Ipac
Parkside 1 (Level 2): Door 2 and Door 3

Concurrent Session 1C
A dive into the mechanics of aged care strategies and how to evaluate
Aged care advice requires technical skills for strategy development and communication skills to navigate family conflicts and facilitate effective decision-making. Using a case study, this session will uniquely combine both aspects to demonstrate a practical approach for developing aged care funding solutions, including:
  • How loans from the kids can blow out the costs for low-means parents
  • Decisions for the former home, and
  • Managing tax with superannuation and SMSFs.
The analysis will include the technical ins and outs and identify potential pitfalls. Its then uses a pros and cons matrix to help families with the decision-making.

Louise Biti, Director, Aged Care Steps and Jo Fox, Founder, Strengthening Practice (UK)
C4.5 (Level 4)

No Session
Workshops start at 1:50pm
1:00pm-1:55pm Lunch - Exhibition Hall 1

Workshop commences at 1.50pm
Concurrent Session 2A
TRIS strategy traps
There is nothing more certain than death and taxes! There is nothing more uncertain than death and taxes when combined with a transition to retirement income stream (TRIS). This session will consider the once logical strategy of transitioning to retirement and see how the strategy operates in a logic free post super reform environment. Using the case study to guide us, the session will contemplate the following whilst simultaneously concluding that there is still a time and place for TRIS:
  • The validity of TRIS and salary sacrifice arrangements
  • Creating new inTRISts – are there benefits in multiple pensions?
  • Once a TRIS always a TRIS – satisfying certain conditions of release
  • Can your TRIS be reversionary?

Tim Miller, Founder and Education Specialist
Miller Super Solutions
Concurrent Session 2B
SMSF exit strategies and alternatives
There are many instances where an SMSF may no longer be the best solution for clients. Understanding the relative merits of the available alternatives for winding up an SMSF can assist practitioners to provide best interest advice to their clients. The introduction of the transfer balance cap has significant estate planning consequences which may impact on the need for alternative structures. This may require future SMSF exit strategies to be considered in the immediate future. In this session we will:
  • Review Government activities regarding SMSF exit strategies
  • Identify when an SMSF exit strategy may be required
  • Understand the alternative exit strategies that are available
  • Identify clients for whom an alternative structure may be beneficial

Julie Steed, Senior Technical Services Manager
Australian Executor Trustees
Concurrent Session 2C
SMSF Policy Outlook
In this session, SMSF Association Head of Policy, Jordan George will discuss the Association’s policy and advocacy work over the past 12 months as well as discuss what he expects to be the key policy issues for the SMSF sector over the next 12 months. This will include the 2018 Budget, Royal Commission and implementation of the new education standards for financial advisors. In addition, this session will also examine what the SMSF Association reads as longer-term policy challenges for the SMSF sector to manage such as an aging demographic and SMSF asset allocation.

Jordan George, Head of Policy
SMSF Association
Workshop 2D
How to: Prepare your SMSF for death
The 12 months just ended have seen the biggest changes for SMSF succession planning in the last decade … from legislative changes, to new ATO materials, to case law developments and much, much more!!!

As a result, many of the old strategies to plan for death are out. Many new strategies are now in.

This highly interactive, discussion-based workshop aims to cover the most important of these changes by way of practical, realistic case studies with lots of guided discussion and some more formal-style presentation.

By the end, you should be familiar with:
  • all the key changes
  • tricks, traps and opportunities to add tremendous value
  • how to implement in your practice.

Bryce Figot, Special Counsel
DBA Lawyers
2:55pm-3:35pm Afternoon Tea - Exhibition Hall 1
3:35pm-4:35pm Concurrent Session 3A
Building blocks of Estate Planning post 1 July 2017
As the standard and cost of living in Australia continues to increase, many Australians are looking to use superannuation as their preferred retirement savings vehicle. As a result, superannuation interests can be the largest asset when someone passes away. With many Australian’s failing to properly implement their estate plans, together with recent changes in superannuation laws, as advisors it is paramount to address client’s estate planning when they have the capacity to do so. However, despite an advisor’s best endeavours, certain people pass without an estate plan or a valid Will. In these circumstances there are still strategies which can be implemented to take benefit of the use of testamentary trusts. This seminar will provide you with a practical insight into the regulatory requirements under the superannuation laws, binding nominations and reversionary pensions and estate planning strategies pre-and-post death.

Bhavesh Mistry, Principal and Solicitor
Mistry Fallahi Lawyers & Business Advisors
Concurrent Session 3B
Funding and owning property in a SMSF: tips and traps
This session will be a practical guide from an accountant, looking at ways property can be held with a SMSF. It will examine issues that may arise with each ownership model - using examples on how these have been handled - and share “tips and traps” from practical experience. Valuation considerations, LRBA safe harbour, how we deal with rental income and expenses with a bare trustee in a LRBA arrangement, practical issues with a private trust (deprivation of income and considerations on how to add and exit a unit holder) will be considered.

Funding will also be explored, with a look at the requirements from major lenders on LRBA’s.

Mark Rogerson, Managing Director, Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants
Concurrent Session 3C
The superannuation reporting framework – the ‘here & now’ and beyond for SMSFs
The new ATO reporting regime will soon be here but what does that mean for SMSF practitioners. While this reporting is quite new for SMSFs, APRA regulated Funds have been in a significant reporting regime for many years and the amount of reporting requirements is still increasing.
This session will explore the legislative background and the detail in the new ATO reporting regime and how this will work in practice; including how it might change the regulator’s approach to managing compliance and the provision of ATO online services for practitioners, superannuation fund trustees and superannuation fund members.
The session will also investigate how APRA Funds have managed the significant reporting requirements and what impact it has had on how APRA Funds are administered and the outcomes for their members; and relevantly what opportunities might technology, automation and the broader superannuation reporting infrastructure provide for the SMSF sector into the future.

Kasey Macfarlane, Assistant Commissioner, SMSF Segment, Superannuation, Australian Taxation Office, Michael Houlihan, Director, Australian Money Planners, Peter Hogan, Head of Education and Technical, SMSF Association
4:50pm Plenary Session 2 - Darling Harbour Theatre: Door 1 and Door 2
How SMSF estate planning has changed
With the introduction of the transfer balance cap, SMSF estate planning has changed forever. New conservations are required to ensure your client’s SMSF wealth is transferred in the most effective manner. This session will explain the fundamental principles underpinning a new era of SMSF estate planning and why record keeping and active cap management are now key SMSF estate planning considerations. The technicalities of reversionary pensions, death benefit nominations, insurance payouts and child pensions will be addressed along with the new death benefit pension rollover rules.

Peter Burgess, General Manager, Technical Services and Education, SuperConcepts
5:45pm CommSec Welcome Reception - Exhibition Hall 1


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