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FSI gives SMSF sector the thumbs up


Once again the SMSF sector has been put under the microscope – and once again it has come up smelling like roses.

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Insurance in super: is it worthwhile?


Insurance has become a more prominent issue for SMSF trustees in the last few years, with legislative developments forcing trustees to address their risk mitigation strategies Super funds can be a good way of structuring additional insurance cover, especially if your clients have financial strains outside of super.

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Rumours of SMSF demise dismissed


Billions of dollars are still being funnelled into SMSFs from tradition super vehicles, which should put an end to speculation that the SMSF sector is in decline, an industry body says.

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Member Categories

The SMSF Association now offers five levels of membership designed to cater for individuals at different stages of their career in the complex area of SMSF advice. The levels of membership offer differentiated access to the range of member benefits offered by the Associaton.

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Member Benefits

SMSF professionals join the SMSF Association because they want access to the latest knowledge about their profession, are looking to grow their business, are seeking recognition as specialists in the SMSF field and want to have a voice in their industry at regulatory and government level.

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Advisor Accreditation

The SMSF Specialist Advisor program is for SMSF professionals seeking recognition for their SMSF specific skills and knowledge as well as knowledge of the SIS, Tax and Corporations Law.

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Auditor Accreditation

The SMSF Specialist Auditor accreditation is specifically for audit professionals seeking recognition for their specialist skills and knowledge required through statutory obligations, Auditing & Assurance Standards and AUASB Guidance Statements.

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Take the next step! Register for either the SMSF Association SSA Specialist AdvisorTM or SSAud Specialist AuditorTM online now in a few easy steps.

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National Conference 2015

National Conference

The 2015 SMSF Association National Conference kicks off in Melbourne on the 18-20 February 2015. Explore the motivations of SMSF trustees and grow your SMSF expertise with conference streams focused on the three stages of the SMSF lifecycle - Accumulation, Transition and Drawdown.

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training and knowledge


The SMSF Association is committed to fostering and enhancing integrity and professionalism in the SMSF sector, and encouraging SMSF practitioners to achieve excellence in their education, knowledge and skills. Our CPD Hub is an easy to use tool designed to help SMSF professionals find the right activities to maximise their CPD opportunities.

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CPD Compass

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important and necessary part of your self-managed super fund career. How do you ensure you are choosing the right CPD activities for your professional growth? The SMSF Associations' CPD Compass is here to point you in the right direction.

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Are you confident your SMSF is achieving maximum benefit for your retirement? A trusted SMSF Association Specialist Advisor™ (SSA™) and SMSF Specialist Auditor™ (SSAud®) can assist you to achieve your retirement goals.

Only advisors with the SSA™ and/or SSAud® designation have undergone an independent accreditation program which not only tests knowledge of SMSF legislation and regulatory requirements, but also assesses professional business and ethical practices to ensure 'best practice' standards.

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