As a professional Association we are formally governed through our Constitution, elected Board and Executive Team

SMSF Association Constitution and corporate governance statement

The SMSF Association Ltd is governed formally through the SMSF Association Constitution. We follow the AICD Not-For-Profit Governance Principles promoting good governance for Not-for-Profit Organisations. 

SMSF Association Annual Reports

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SMSF Association Financial Statements

SMSF Association Financial Statements are only available to members.  

Our Board

Andrew Hamilton
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Robyn FitzRoy
View Robyn's biography
Hon. Bernie Ripoll
View Bernie's biography
Scott Hay-Bartlem
View Scott's biography
Michael Houlihan
Vice Chair
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Liam Shorte
View Liam's biography
Dr Deborah Ralston
View Dr Ralston's biography
Bryan Ashenden
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Our Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer
Contact: John Maroney
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Deputy CEO / Director of Policy & Education
Contact: Peter Burgess
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General Manager
Corporate Development

Contact: Craig Jameson

Head of Events

Contact: Tamara Vermeend

National Marketing and Communications Manager

Contact: Jessica Beare 


The SMSF Association has a number of Board and Association Committees which support the management and administration of the Association. We appreciate the contribution and assistance of committee members to achieve our objectives.  

Board Committees

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

Michael Houlihan – Chair
Andrew Hamilton
John Maroney
Peter Burgess
Tara Lewis-Christie

Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Robyn FitzRoy – Chair
Scott Hay-Bartlem
Dr Deborah Ralston
Bryan Ashenden
John Maroney

Public Policy Committee

Dr Deborah Ralston – Chair
Hon. Bernie Ripoll
Robin Bowerman 
Jeremy Cooper
John Maroney
Peter Burgess
Tracey Scotchbrook

Association and Advisory Committees

National Membership Committee

Liam Shorte – Chair
Michael Houlihan
Megan Kelly
Con Gotsis
Doug McBirnie
Katrina Hancock
Julie Steed
Brooke Hepburn-Rogers
Leonie DiLorenzo
John Maroney
Craig Montgomery

National Conference Program Committee

Peter Burgess – Chair
Mark Ellem
Jemma Sanderson
Belinda Aisbett
Shelley Banton
Leigh Mansell
Julie Steed
Tim Miller
Phil Broderick
Daniel Butler
Graeme Colley
Mary Simmons
Tarun Malhotra

Professional Standards Committee

Tracey Scotchbrook – Chair
David Saul
Fiona Hinrichsen
Nathan Baker
Craig Montgomery

Education Committee

Peter Burgess – Chair
Belinda Aisbett
Julie Taylor
Louise Biti
Neal Dallas

About Us

The SMSF Association is the independent, professional body representing Australia’s self-managed super fund sector. 

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We are actively involved in discussions with key members of Government and Opposition, sector stakeholders, regulators and policy makers. 

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