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Take the first step in assessing your SMSF capabilities‚Äč by charting your SMSF journey.

Introducing the SMSF Association’s SMSF Knowledge Compass, an online tool designed to identify an SMSF professional’s strengths, and opportunities for further development.¬†

Determining your Knowledge Score is easy; simply answer 20 multiple-choice questions to see where you can improve your SMSF industry knowledge and expertise, in areas such as:

  • Accessing your super
  • Contributions
  • Death benefits
  • Income streams
  • Investment standards
  • Setup & management
  • Superfund taxation, and
  • Windups

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll receive a personalised scorecard highlighting your strengths, key focus areas, and suggestions for further professional development and education options to supercharge your SMSF career.

Take the quiz today and find out your SMSF Knowledge Score!

Why is it important to assess your SMSF knowledge?

Your professional development is an important and necessary part of your SMSF career to enable ongoing professional growth, and in raising the standard of advice provided to trustees. As leaders in developing SMSF expertise and knowledge, it is our core focus is to raise the standard of advice provided by all SMSF professionals to better enable trustees to make informed decisions for their future retirement.

Take the SMSF Knowledge Compass

Find out your SMSF Knowledge Score and discover where your strengths are and opportunities to further enhance your expertise.

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