The SMSF Association has a number of Board and Association Committees which support the management and administration of the Association and/or assist in achieving the objectives of the SMSF Association.

We are grateful for the assistance of members who participate in these Committees, as their expertise contributes to the progression of the Association and in turn the quality of benefits for all members.

Board Committees

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee
Michael Houlihan – Chair
Tracey Scotchbrook
Brett Kenny
John Maroney
Josh Geers

Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Robyn FitzRoy – Chair
Robin Bowerman
Scott Hay-Bartlem
John Maroney
Josh Geers

Public Policy Committee
Robin Bowerman – Chair
Hon. Bernie Ripoll
Tracey Scotchbrook
Jeremy Cooper
John Maroney

Association and Advisory Committees

National Membership Committee
Liam Shorte – Chair
Michael Houlihan
Brett Griffiths
Con Gotsis
David Allen
David Smith
Julie Steed
Paul Salinas
Leonie DiLorenzo
John Maroney

Professional Standards Committee
Tracey Scotchbrook – Chair
David Saul
Fiona Hinrichsen
Nathan Baker

Education Committee
Peter Hogan – Chair
Belinda Aisbett
Julie Taylor
Louise Biti
Neal Dallas

Regulatory Panel
Peter Hogan – Chair
Bryan Ashenden
Caroline Harley
Craig Day
Dan Butler
Jemma Sanderson
Julie Steed
Lisa Papacristoforos
Liz Westover
Melanie Dunn
Peter Burgess
Peter Crump
Rebecca van Langenberg

National Conference Technical Program Committee
Peter Hogan – Chair
Bryan Ashenden
Craig Day
Jemma Sanderson
Leigh Mansell
Mark Ellem
Scott Hay-Bartlem
Mary Simmons
Tamara Vermeend
Tarun Malhotra
Franco Morelli