SMSF Association Policies

SMSF Association Privacy Policy

The SMSF Association is committed to maintaining the privacy of the individuals with whom we work, or come in contact with during our work.

We are committed to continued compliance with the National Privacy Principles, and enforce our policies, procedures and compliance to our staff, officers and contractors.

This document was prepared to explain to our Members the key principles that affect their privacy, and to prompt them to advise us, if they wish to be treated differently than as presented below.

All information collected for the SMSF Association Accreditation Program will be retained in our records.

Please read our Statement of Privacy for full details of how we collect and use information. At all times, the SMSF Association intends to act in an honest and integral manner through the guidelines set out in this policy (the Policy), but the Policy is not intended as a legally binding contract which SMSF Association has entered into with its stakeholders.

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SMSF Association Cancellation and Refund Policy

The SMSF Association’s Cancellation and Refund Policy in relation to membership and events is set out below.

SMSF Association Membership Cancellation and Refund Policy

A member may seek to withdraw their membership in accordance with clause 9.1 of the SMSF Association Constitution.

Any request to withdraw membership must be provided in writing to SMSF Association by the member themself; notwithstanding who may have paid for the membership.

A withdrawal of membership does not relieve the member from payment of any fees already accrued and owing to the SMSF Association.

There is no entitlement to any refund of fees paid or owing to SMSF Association where membership is withdrawn part way through a membership year.

SMSF Association Events Cancellation and Refund Policy

Click here to download the SMSF Association Event Cancellation and Refund Policy.