FASEA Education Standards and Recognised Prior Learning

SMSF Association Submission

The Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority has recognised the SMSF Specialist Advisor (SSATM) designation for its recognised prior learning (RPL) category of “Coursework completed to attain a Professional Designation”. This recognition of the SSATM for RPL will reduce the number of bridging courses those with the SSATM designation may be required to undertake.

Anyone who has completed the SSATM since it was introduced in 2005 is eligible for one credit of RPL towards FASEA’s bridging course requirements for existing financial advisers. This will reduce time and costs for those who were existing financial advisers on 1 January 2019 and have completed the SSATM.

The benefit of holding the SSATM for those who are required to comply with the FASEA education can be better understood by FASEA’s Education Pathways Tool which provides an accurate assessment of your FASEA education obligations.

FASEA Education Pathways Tool