Auditor Discussion Group

SMSF Specialist Auditor (SSAud®) Only Sessions
Join in the conversation with this unique online discussion group designed for our SMSF Specialist Auditors (SSAud®) and SSAud® candidates. The SMSF Association is proud to host these sessions, facilitated by leading SSAud® members, and supported by the SMSF Association’s technical team. These sessions are an opportunity for auditors to come together and discuss issues affecting SMSF auditors in practice. This includes topics of a technical nature, professional and ethical standards, and emerging issues. Enhance your practice, network with other specialist auditors and earn SMSF audit CPD hours. Registration for this discussion group is limited to our SMSF Specialist Auditor (SSAud) members and those currently enrolled in the SSAud program only. If you are intending to attend, please ensure sure you have familiarised yourself with the attendee terms and conditions.
View the upcoming sessions below.