SMSF Audit | Audit Standards


The module Audit Standards examines the framework for conducting an SMSF audit as provided within the Audit and Assurance Engagement Standards. The module explores the structure and interpretation of the auditing standards following adoption of the ‘Clarity’ format, and considers how these standards apply to the financial and compliance parts of an SMSF audit engagement. The contribution of GS 009 in navigating this framework is also examined.

This module is the ‘hub’ from which all other SSAud modules spring to form the whole wheel that is the SMSF audit process.


On completing this module, you should be able to:

  • explain the audit standards framework and apply to the audit of SMSFs.
  • understand the structure of the audit standards, how they are understood, interpreted and applied.
  • explain the professional standards and the requirements for the auditor to comply with the relevant auditing standards.
  • explain the application of the relevant standards and framework as they apply to Part A and Part B of the SMSF-approved auditor’s report.

SMSF Audit - Audit Standards

Member: $220.00
Non-Member: $275.00

CPD Hours: 5.00