SMSF module – SMSF Regulatory Framework

This module sets the scene for the regulation of SMSFs by providing a summary of the historical events associated with Australia’s superannuation system as well as identifying the purpose of superannuation. It then looks at the role of the ATO as the Regulator of SMSFs and ASIC’s role in monitoring the conduct of SMSF auditors […]

SMSF module – Regulating SMSF’s

This module unpacks the advantages and disadvantages of having an SMSF before taking a step by step look at what is required to establish a SMSF that is complying and regulated by the ATO. It also takes a look at the first significant link to the tax law which requires an SMSF to meet the […]

SMSF module – Contribution Standards

Understanding the different kinds of contributions available to members is important to ensure that there is proper consideration of the contribution standards, tax treatment and application of the contribution caps. It is also important in identifying strategic opportunities for the accumulation of retirement savings.This module provides an in depth look  of the rules about accepting […]

SMSF module – Investing in an SMSF

Having ultimate control over the investments of an SMSF, remains one of the main drivers for trustees establishing and maintaining a fund. This module highlights the importance for SMSF trustee investment decisions to be made in accordance with the fund’s trust deed, the fund’s investment strategy and the sole purpose test.The module also covers the numerous […]

SMSF module – Taxing an SMSF

This module addresses the interaction of all aspects of the tax law that need to be understood to be able to accurately determine the tax liability of an SMSF. It explores the taxation obligations of a SMSF and looks at the taxation of ordinary income, contributions, capital gains tax (CGT), exempt income and foreign transfers […]

SMSF module – Members’ interest and preservation standards

This Module outlines the various components that make up a member’s superannuation interest and explains the preservation rules which determine when an SMSF trustee can release a member’s benefit. It outlines the various conditions of release which can be met to access superannuation benefits and any related cashing restrictions that are imposed to limit how […]

SMSF module – Pension payment standards and paying a benefit

This Module covers how a member’s benefit can be taken as either a superannuation lump sum or as a pension and how both lump sum and pension payments are proportioned between a member’s taxable and tax-free components.This Module discusses the different pension options available to SMSF trustees, with a focus on account-based pensions and transition […]

SMSF module – Taxing superannuation payments

This module provides the final overlay of the taxation on benefit payments. Having identified the components of a member’s interest, how the proportioning rule works and the types of benefits that can be paid, the final step is to determine how much tax needs to be withheld by an SMSF trustee in respect of those […]