17 May 21

SMSF module – SMSF Regulatory Framework

This module sets the scene for the regulation of SMSFs by providing a summary of the historical events associated with Australia’s superannuation system as well as identifying the purpose of […]

  • 2 January 20202 January 2025

SMSF module – Regulating SMSF’s

This module unpacks the advantages and disadvantages of having an SMSF before taking a step by step look at what is required to establish a SMSF that is complying and […]

  • 2 January 20202 January 2025

SMSF module – Contribution Standards

Understanding the different kinds of contributions available to members is important to ensure that there is proper consideration of the contribution standards, tax treatment and application of the contribution caps. […]

  • 2 January 20202 January 2025

SMSF module – Investing in an SMSF

Having ultimate control over the investments of an SMSF, remains one of the main drivers for trustees establishing and maintaining a fund. This module highlights the importance for SMSF trustee […]

  • 2 January 20202 January 2025

SMSF module – Taxing an SMSF

This module addresses the interaction of all aspects of the tax law that need to be understood to be able to accurately determine the tax liability of an SMSF. It […]

  • 2 January 20202 January 2030

SMSF module – Taxing superannuation payments

This module provides the final overlay of the taxation on benefit payments. Having identified the components of a member’s interest, how the proportioning rule works and the types of benefits […]

  • 2 January 20202 January 2030

SMSF module – SMSF Controls – planning for life

This module outlines the requirements of the trustee in the event of the death of a member, the benefit payment options available and highlights the different definition of a ‘dependant’ […]

  • 2 January 20202 January 2030

COVID-19: In conversation with the Australian Taxation Office

OVERVIEW Dana Fleming, Assistant Commissioner – SMSF Segment, Australian Taxation Office joined the Association’s CEO, John Maroney for an insightful discussion on how the ATO is supporting the super industry […]

  • 2 April 20202 October 2021