Accredited Education

The SMSF CPD activities listed on the SMSF Association National Training Register below are SMSF Association CPD Accredited. These activities, developed by the industry for the industry have all been assessed against the Association’s professional training standards that set the benchmark in the SMSF sector.

This register is a record of activities which have been accredited by the Association and may be claimed as accredited CPD. Please refer to the SMSF Association’s  CPD Policy for more information.

SMSF Association CPD Accreditation provides those delivering SMSF CPD with industry recognition and a range of benefits designed to help develop and promote quality CPD activities like webinars, workshops, seminars, conferences, online training and more.

Apply now to have your CPD activities assessed by the SMSF Association and reap the benefits of the Association’s independent validation, credibility and differentiation.

For more information please contact the SMSF Association’s E-Learning Specialist, Clair Bland on (02) 8311 4183 or email [email protected].

Accredited Education Providers