New generation of SMSF investors likely to disrupt the industry

Joint Media Release with CommBank

A new generation of SMSF investors is expected to disrupt the industry according to new research from Commonwealth Bank, conducted in partnership with the SMSF Association.

The CommBank SMSF Report, released today, shows a new generation of SMSF investors is breaking the stereotype of the experienced and financially confident professional or entrepreneur who makes their own investment decisions. The research identifies four types of SMSF investors, each with their own distinct motives and decision-making preferences: Outsourcer, Coach Seeker, Self-Directed Investor and Controller.

Marcus Evans, Head of SMSF Customers for Commonwealth Bank said: “As the sector has expanded and matured, SMSF members have become increasingly diverse.

“While all SMSF investors share a taste for independence and a desire to take control of their own financial destinies, each investor profile has a very different level of investment experience and confidence and therefore, very different advice needs.

“Our research shows a new generation of SMSF investors is destined to disrupt the industry. These are the Outsourcers and Coach Seekers, and together they make up 35 per cent of the SMSF market,” he said.

Andrea Slattery, Managing Director/CEO of the SMSF Association, said: “The research rightly 
highlights the importance of the right professional relationships and assistance between trustees and their specialist advisers.

“The level of technical knowledge and insights of the professional into the often complex world of superannuation is a critical part of that relationship. So too is practical assistance and guidance in the technicalities of the day-to-day running of their SMSF.

“It shows that those trustees of an SMSF who build this professional relationship in areas where they need assistance are more likely to perform better overall compared to those who do not have such a relationship, again demonstrating the value that the SMSF specialist brings to their clients.”