SMSF sector loses valued servant with Peter Hogan retiring

Peter Hogan, Head of Technical for the SMSF Association and a highly respected and revered SMSF specialist, is retiring after four years in the role, effective 30 September.

A lawyer by training, Hogan started his career at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) before working for some of Australia’s largest financial and consulting institutions – he held senior positions with Ernst & Young, Mercers, Macquarie Bank, Colonial First State and MLC – in the fields of superannuation, investment and tax.

Over the journey he acquired enormous industry experience and knowledge, especially on tax issues, and, as a consequence, was is in constant demand on the SMSF speaking circuit.

SMSF Association Chair Andrew Hamilton says: “It’s been an enormous privilege to have known Peter over a long period, not just because of his contribution to the Association in various roles, but because of what he gave more broadly to our superannuation sector.

“There are few people who can claim to have such a positive impact on the SMSF sector over many years – someone whose advice was keenly sought and counsel widely regarded. The industry, governments, and regulators all profited from his insights over many years.

“But it wasn’t just his knowledge, experience and commitment that endeared Peter to so many people. It was also his professional approach, warm manner, kind word, and genuine interest in everyone who entered his SMSF world, that people will fondly remember Peter for.”

Association CEO John Maroney says: “Peter’s commitment, loyalty and enthusiasm for our Association was infectious, and we all benefited from his deep understanding of all things SMSF, irrespective of whether he was serving in an Executive or Board role. [He was a Board member from 2003 to 2012 and Chair from 2004 to 2007.]

“He gave generously of his time and knowledge, especially as it related to the National Conference, helping to ensure it remains the preeminent event for SMSFs.”

Hogan says it’s been a privilege to have worked for the Association in various roles over many years. “As an inaugural Board member, Chair for three years, and then serving on the Executive for the past four years as Head of Technical, it’s been a source of great pride and pleasure to me to see our super sector not only grow but flourish, and to know our Association has been an integral part of this.”