accountantsGPS – How AI delivers a game-changing strategic analysis of an SMSF in under 5 minutes

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New subscription platform allows accountants to provide exceptional value to SMSF clients at minimal effort and cost.

Savvy SMSF Trustees have been some of the earliest adopters of online financial platforms. But it’s only now that accountants can leverage technology and the power of AI to deliver astounding results in a few clicks.

1. Supports quality, compliance, and audits

AI can be used to identify compliance shortfalls and risks, such as a corporate trustee with more members than directors or if any assets are outside of an acceptable range. It also ensures that tailored guidance is within the accountants’ regulatory parameters.

2. Completes comparisons and performance reviews in seconds

Depending on the fund structure, some AIsoftware can review, categorise, and determine the overall weighting and performance of hundreds or thousands of individual assets in a fund. And it performs an apples-for-apples comparison and benchmarking against similar SMSFs and APRA funds.

3. Projections and forecasting without the legwork

As well as an analysis of cash levels and any property investment within the fund, the report contains projections for each member as they head towards retirement and an overview of contributions, including capacity, forecasting and potential strategies.

4. Enhances the trusted advisor status without additional cost

Traditionally, this kind of insightful and strategic guidance has not been profitable for accounting practices due to the significant research and analysis required.

With technology doing the heavy lifting, accountants and their SMSF clients can reap the benefits and achieve a stronger relationship and improved compliance and financial outcomes. 

What platforms are available?

accountantsGPS, a SaaS platform designed with SMSF specialists in mind, enables accountants to do weeks of analysis in just a few minutes and produce a game-changing factual digital report—the SMSF Check-Up.

Report helps accountants get behind the numbers, fast

Offered exclusively to BGL users, the Australian-first SMSF Check-Up helps accountants get behind the numbers fast and maximise their client’s potential to create wealth, even if they don’t hold an AFSL.

The algorithm provides key financial and management insights on the health of a fund and completes a high-level gap analysis, identifying potential opportunities and issues with the fund.

The platform was a recent finalist in the One to Watch category of the Technology Scale-up Awards.

Helping accountants do more with less

The SMSF market is approaching $1 trillion in assets and has more than 1.1 million members. Accountants are struggling to keep up with the demand for specialist SMSF advice. The SMSF Check-Up allows accountants to provide even greater quality service to an ever-expanding client base.

Currently, BGL users have exclusive access to the SMSF Check-Up Report for their clients. BGL users can find out more by visiting accountantsGPS.

Non-BGL users interested in accountantsGPS are encouraged to book a discovery call.

To learn more about accountantsGPS, visit their website here. To learn more about the accountantsGPS Digital SMSF Check-Up Report, read their last article here

It is important to note that while the report provides detailed feedback on the health of the fund, the information contained is factual in nature and nothing should be read to constitute financial advice, nor should the information be acted upon without
professional advice.

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