Lockyer Valley Foods – Are your clients looking for an investment that delivers financial returns, empowers communities, and promotes Australian ownership?

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Written by Colin Dorber

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Are your clients looking for an investment that delivers financial returns, empowers communities, and promotes Australian ownership? Discover an exceptional opportunity with Lockyer Valley Foods’ Fruit and Vegetable Cooperative, designed to ensure Australian control over a food processing facility while securing long-term income for workers and growers alike.

Investment Opportunity Highlights:
  • Australian-Owned Manufacturing: Our cooperative is dedicated to Australian ownership of a fruit and vegetable processing facility [The company – The Locker Valley Fruit & Vegetable Processing Company Limited -ACN 602420600- is an unlisted public company trading as Lockyer Valley Foods.]
  • Strategic Location: Situated in Withcott, Queensland, the 55-hectare site will operate year-round, supporting the community and environment– Stage 4- by operating off-grid and recycling all water.
  • Economic Impact: Upon completing Stage 2, LVF will annually purchase a minimum $70 million** worth of produce and generate 155 jobs.

    ** As part of its constitutional objectives the Cooperative will assist in the procurement of grower supply contracts based on a five-year by-five-year supply model.

Investor Benefits:

  • Local Ownership and Sustainability: This investment supports local ownership, sustainable practices, and fair treatment in agriculture.
  • Growth Potential: Aiming for 10,000 members in the next year, we offer significant growth and community impact.

Join the Cooperative Movement:

  • Government-Approved: The Lockyer Fruit and Veggie Cooperative Ltd is officially recognized by the Queensland Government.
So, how could this be of interest to you and your clients?

Share in Our Vision: We invite Australians to secure a majority stake in Lockyer Valley Foods, ensuring food security and supporting local farmers.

Lockyer Valley Foods is looking for enthusiastic Australians to become part of history and aim for majority shares in Lockyer Valley Foods. This majority ownership is to ensure our future food security, support Australian growers and farmers and have quality Australian food on Australian plates for all Australians.

The offer is designed to offer an attractive long-term investment with minimal capital outlay for SMSFs.

Lots of details about the Cooperative, the project and its status can be found on the Web at:

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