S&P Dow Jones Indices – Is Active Management Active Enough?

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Arguably the single biggest trend influencing investment portfolios in recent years and beyond is the shift of assets from active to passive management. Why is this happening? Is it likely to continue? How can SMSFs take advantage of it?

In this session, Craig Lazzara, Managing Director of Index Investment Strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices will share findings form the award winning S&P Index Vs Active (SPIVA®) Scorecard – de facto global scorekeeper of the active-passive debate, on where and when active managers have and have not outperformed from a global perspective, the opportunity set for outperformance, and risk management in active funds.

  • The persistent underperformance of active managers: most active portfolios underperform their benchmarks most of the time.
  • The “arithmetic of active management” explains why this underperformance occurs
  • It’s likely that active management will become harder in the future, not easier.
  • The growth of the ETF market provides an ideal way for SMSFs to benefit from these trends.

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