2019 National Conference Presentations

In preparation for the conference, we invite all delegates to start downloading advanced copies of the speaker presentation and technical papers. All presentations can be printed or saved to digital devices for those wanting copies of the slides with them at the conference. All speaker presentations will also be available via our App.

Beneath the relevant session title, click the ‘Powerpoint Presentation’ link to download the slides and, if applicable, the associated technical document will be hyperlink beneath the presentation.

Thought Leadership Breakfast presented by BT Financial

SMSFs: Where to from here? An exclusive paper written by leading Australian superannuation thinkers, for SMSF trustees and professionals featuring commentary from:

  • Michael Rice, Chief Executive Officer, Rice Warner – SMSF market share projections
  • Andrew Inwood, Founder and Principal, CoreData – The ageing SMSF client base
  • Eva Scheerlinck, Chief Executive Officer, AIST – Regulatory issues facing SMSFs
  • John Maroney, Chief Executive Officer, SMSF Association – Appropriateness of SMSFs for Australians
  • Melinda Howes, General Manager – Superannuation, BT Financial Group – SMSF insights and opportunities

Click here to download the paper.