Navigating state and territory land tax and duty issues

National Conference 2022

When real property is held in a superannuation fund, the trustees must navigate the relevant state and territory land tax and duty issues that are unique to such ownership. At its simplest, land tax and duty really matter! This presentation will consider:

  • Duties – exemptions for moving properties in and out of SMSFs without triggering duty – including paying out member benefits and death benefits
  • Land holding entity rules – transferring shares and units in land holding entities in and out of an SMSF
  • Land tax – applicability of trust surcharges and grouping for land held by SMSFs and land held by unit trusts and companies, where the SMSF holds units or shares

By attending this session, participants will be introduced to some important State and Territory land tax and duty implications, and potential costs, that must be carefully considered, when an SMSF owns real property.

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