Become accredited

Accreditation provides recognition of your SMSF expertise.

Become accredited with the SMSF Association. You will be provided with a measurable standard of expertise and knowledge that everyone providing SMSF advice or information should strive to attain. It gives your clients confidence as it demonstrates your area of expertise within the industry. Ultimately, accreditation raises the standards and professionalism of the SMSF sector as a whole. Become accredited today!

The benefits to being accredited are extensive but include having your SMSF expertise independently endorsed, enhancing your current SMSF skills and knowledge as well as improving the credibility and health of a vibrant SMSF community.

Take your SMSF career to the next level – View our Compare Accreditations page to find the right accreditation for you.

Note: In order to register for an SMSF Association accreditation program, you are required to be a current Associate Member. Join Membership now


SMSF Specialist Advisor Program (SSA)
SMSF Specialist Auditor Program (SSAud)